Spring Cleaning Hacks...for your Smartphone!


The rise of smartphones has made our tech items some of the most used in our lives. As we use these things, it is obvious that they will collect dirt and bacteria. If you have ever wondered how to bring back that new tech sparkle, keep reading!

#1. Disinfect your phone! No matter if you are #teamiphone, #teamdnroid, or #teamflipphone, every phone gets DIRTY. Between oils from our faces and hands, and germs from everywhere you lay your phone down, our phones are some of the dirtiest things we have, To keep your phone clean from dirt and germs, use alcohol with a piece of cotton and swab your phone case and screen. It will not hurt to take the phone out of its case and clean it as well. Allow the alcohol to air dry, and your phone will be sparkling clean!

#2. Keep dust in check! Not only does dust look terrible and carry bacteria, but it can also seriously damage electronic equipment. Keyboards, computers, and televisions can all collect dust which can harm their performance. In order to keep the dust away and prolong the lives of your electronics, use a clean soft cloth to eliminate surface dust, and a spray duster to clear any small crevices.

#3. Refresh your headphones. Whether you spend $10 or $200, headphone manufacturers have yet to discover a way to keep them from getting dirty. Until then, we have to clean our headphones ourselves. An old toothbrush is wonderful for clearing away debris from small crevices. For more advice on deep cleaning your headphones, check out this article.

#4. Don’t Spray your equipment. While this may be obvious to many, being careful to only use spray cleaners on your cloth rather than directly on your electronic devices.

Keeping our tech clean is not something many people think about regularly, but it is important to remember. Both in terms of the item’s long-term performance and your exposure to bacteria, our technology gets dirty and needs attention like anything else. These tips are a starting point in helping to keep your electronics in top shape, and it is important to always clean your items based on manufacturer recommendations.