Up your Cleaning Game with these 10 Innovative Cleaning Tools 2019


Cleaning can be a drag! Even folks who cherish a clean home can sometimes feel bored with cleaning tools that can be drab while not quite getting the job done they way the expect. In 2019, we no longer have to sacrifice form for function. A new wave of cleaning tools have made it easier than ever to keep a spotless home in a way that does not sacrifice style! Here are ten stylish and innovative cleaning tools to make life easier, cleaner, and a little bit prettier!

#1. Glass Spray Bottles. Glass spray bottles serve a purpose that is both stylistic and functional. These reusable and refillable bottles are made to be used time and time again, and serve to reduce the amount of plastic we use from cleaning products. Large bottles of cleaner can be used to refill these bottles multiple times, and many argue that they are much more pleasing to the eye.

#2. Touchless Trash Compactor. Trash is one of the biggest challenges we face in keeping a clean home. Emptying cans and dragging full bags outside can be a messy ordeal, and many people look for a way to manage their trash in a simpler way. Touchless trash compactors work wonders for achieving this goal. These convenient tools make it possible to take out the trash less often and use fewer plastic garbage bags

#3. Baseboard Scrubber. A baseboard scrubber may not be the first thing many people think of when they imagine cleaning supplies that ate stylish or innovative. But a tool like this one will change the way you clean your home. Cleaning baseboards can be a pain, and many people have physical limitations that make the task unbearable. Having a baseboard scrubber around will help you keep your baseboards looking flawless.

#4. Cleaning Robots. Media like the Jetsons gave us all fantasies of how robots will make the future so easy and convenient. While we may lag TV and movies in the flying cars department, we have made some progress in integrating robots into our everyday lives. Cleaning robots can seriously improve your cleaning routines, and there is one for many of the most banal chores we do our best to avoid. Robots that mop, vacuum, clean windows, and clear gutters are all available for less than you may think. These cute little devices can faithfully carry out their tasks while you do other things or simply relax.

#5. Drain Snakes. Clogged drains and a clean home simply do not mix! Hair and other particles can collect in bathroom and kitchen drains, causing clogs and backups. Drain snakes are a tool used by plumbers to dislodge debris from drains and are now inexpensive and widely available. Using these simple plumbing tools can save you tons of money in plumber fees and keep you drains in top shape!

#6. Microfiber Blinds Dusters. Horizontal blinds allow us to control the natural light in rooms, but can easily collect an obscene amount of dust. Removing this dust can be tedious because of the small spaces between each blind. Blinds dusters are specially designed to reach between these small spaces and collect dirt!

#7. Utensil Cleaning Brush. Silverware, cutlery, and cooking utensils can be gross to clean by hand! Removing the food particles that can be stuck to knives, forks, and spoons can prove to be challenging. But with a scrub brush designed to clean both sides of the utensil at once, you can effectively clean them in less time without the mess!

#8. Dusting Slippers. Dust is one of those things that no matter what we do, finds a way to settle on every surface of our homes. While dusters have come a long way in being able to collect dust from surfaces, fewer such innovations have been made in helping people keep their floors free from dust. Dusting slippers gently wipe floors clean as you walk, making your cleaning routine just a bit simpler.

#9. Water Bottle Brushes. Reusable water bottles have become a hot new fashion accessory, but they can easily accumulate bacteria with use. While hot soapy water typically does the trick, brushes designed to clean the hard-to-reach nooks and crevices inside water bottles help you make sure that your bottles are clean in time for your next adventure.

#10. Car Vacuum. Our cars are our homes away from homes, but sometimes they can be challenging to keep clean because of the tight spaces and the fast-paced lives many people live today. Personally, I have many lamented many times that I wish I had a vacuum for my car (one that didn’t need to be plugged into a grounded outlet to work). Well now my (and many others’) prayers have been answered! There are now vacuums made specifically for cars, so now our cars can gleam as bright as our homes do!

A clean space can relieve anxiety and give you mental space to fully enjoy your habitat. While cleaning always takes time and energy, there are now many tools available to make the burden a bit less heavy. However, if you still find cleaning to be a complete drag, Olave’s Cleaning professionals will get and keep your home fresh and beautiful!