Cleaning Hacks for your Next Summer Barbecue


Outdoor living and entertaining maybe the best part of the summer season. Gathering with family and friends under the hot summer sun is an amazing way to make memories that will last for years to come. While outdoor entertaining can be fun, the cleanup process is absolutely not! Here are a few tips to make the cleanup after your next summer barbecue a breeze!

#1. Steam clean the grill. Both charcoal and gas grills can be difficult to clean after a summer gathering, largely because of burnt-on residue from meats and vegetables. Instead of furiously scrubbing debris off of your grill try this: place wet newspaper over the grill surface as it cools down after grilling, the steam from the heat will soften any burnt-on residue, making the grill so much easier to clean!

#2. Do a coffee soak. Like the grill itself, grilling utensils can get very dirty and caked with burnt food pretty easily. Next time you’re facing spatulas and tongs covered in blackened food, try soaking them in brewed coffee for about an hour; they should be much easier to clean after soaking. 

#3. Stop popsicle stains before they start! This hack just may make you want to palm your face and say “Duh! Why didn’t I try this sooner!” For your next barbecue, slide paper cupcake liners onto the bottoms of popsicles. The liners will catch any drippings, saving everyone’s fabulous outfits in the process.

#4. Give your vases a new sparkle. Fresh floral arrangements can really take outdoor entertaining to the next level, but a dirty vase can distract from even the most elegant floral arrangement. Next time your vases look a bit less than their best, try mixing uncooked rice with soap and water and give the vase a good shake. You may be surprised at just how good your vases can look!

#5. Natural Mosquito Repellant. Bug repellant may not be front of mind when you think of summer entertaining cleaning hacks, but not many people would welcome this little guests to their outdoor shindig. To keep biting bugs at bay while enjoying the outdoors, try this: insert whole cloves in limes sliced in half. This combination naturally repels mosquitoes and other biting insects, keeping uninvited guests out of your events!

Being able to enjoy the outdoors is one of the best parts about the summer season. Hot dogs, fresh fruit, and great friends all come together to make outdoor fun all the more memorable. We hope these cleaning hacks will help you get the most out of your outdoor entertaining and have an easier time cleaning up after the fun is done!