Spring Cleaning Hacks to Make Your Home the Cleanest it has Ever Been!

We won’t promise your home will sparkle like this, but these hacks will make spring cleaning a snap!

We won’t promise your home will sparkle like this, but these hacks will make spring cleaning a snap!

The beginning of Spring is the perfect opportunity to give your home a deep clean. In a good Spring cleaning, no corner is left untouched, and every area of your home is tidied and organized. While Spring cleaning is a bit of a construct, (a consistent cleaning schedule throughout the year is the best way to keep your home sufficiently clean), spending the final weekends of March giving your family a fresh start as the weather begins to change is always a good idea. These tips and hacks will definitely give you the best Spring cleaning ever.

#1. Windows make a difference. Windows can sometimes go neglected in your normal cleaning routine. Unlike dishes which can rot and stink as they begin to pile up in a sink and toilets that can quickly show that they need attention, dirty windows can slip by unnoticed for weeks or even months. Take time to clean all of the windows in your home, and try to clean them on the outside if possible as well. The difference a few minutes can make will give even the cleanest home a new shine. Be sure to clean your windows on a cloudy day; the sun can cause cleaners to dry too quickly which will cause streaking.

#2. Go beyond washing the sheets. Changing your sheets once per week is usually enough to keep your bed comfortably clean. But take this year's spring clean as a chance to do a bit more to really clean the place where you spend a third of your life. Follow the instructions to clean your pillows, mattress protectors, comforters, and duvets to remove dirt and allergens from your bedding.

#3. Give your air filters some attention. We all know that our air filters need to be changed regularly (ideally every 60 days), but spring cleaning is a prime opportunity to change out your air filters, especially as seasons change and pollen becomes an issue for many.

#4. Refresh your garbage disposal! The garbage disposal is a workhorse in the kitchen, making light work of scraps and other stuff you don’t really want lingering in the trash can for any amount of time. But after a long winter and holiday season, your garbage disposal may have a lingering odor that running water can’t get rid of. If this is the case try running your disposal with ice, vinegar, and lemon slices to give your disposal a deep clean.

#5. Go chemical free to clean your microwave.  Grease and food can quickly make a microwave well...gross. While the mess in your microwave may seem like it may be too much for traditional cleaners, there is a great solution that gets the job done without chemicals that may be harmful to your or your family. In a microwave-safe container, heat water and vinegar for up to 3 minutes. The steam the mixture will create will soften the dirt in the microwave enough to be easily wiped away.

#6. Toss expired food and personal care items. Our pantries and medicine cabinets can become black holes of specialty products we only need to use once and quickly forget about. While spring cleaning, take some time to sort through these areas and get rid of anything that may be expired and consider giving away things that are still good but that you know you do not need anymore.

#7. Use pillowcases to clean ceiling fan blades. Cleaning ceiling fan blades can be a huge headache. Fan blades collect large amounts of dust and removing it used to mean dealing with airborne dirt and allergens, not to mention the large dust bunnies that may land on furniture or the floor. To avoid this, use a pillowcase to capture dirt and dust without the mess; simply open the pillowcase and drape it around the fan blade. Any dirt that falls as you are wiping will be caught in the pillowcase, not on your good guest bedding.

#9. Vinegar is the MVP of eco-friendly cleaners. I mentioned before that vinegar is effective in cutting grease in the microwave, but that isn’t even the beginning of what this inexpensive household staple can do. Vinegar can be used to clean glass, break up mineral buildup on your shower head, clean floors, and much more.

Cleaning can be a pain, but it is an inevitable part of life. Using hacks like these can help make deep cleaning your home much easier. But if even after your deep cleaning your home needs special attention, professional cleaning is always a great way to take your deep cleaning to the next level. For less than many people think, a professional deep clean in the spring can make your home much easier to keep clean and more comfortable for you and your family.