How To Maintain Your Spring Cleaning throughout the Summer Season!


Spring cleaning can really turn your home around, but in the summer months, dirt, clutter, and mess can slowly begin to accumulate again. These simple tips will give you ideas about how to keep your home in top spring cleaned shape all summer long. 

#1. Follow the full hands rule. The full hands rule is simple: never leave a room with empty hands! Following this easy rule is a way to prevent clutter from piling up, and helps you stay organized long after you meet your spring cleaning goals. 

#2. Create a schedule around your spring cleaning. Use what you have done for spring cleaning to create a schedule that encourages you to keep things up. Were you shocked as how dusty your ceiling fan blades had gotten over the last year, make a schedule that includes cleaning them more regularly so that they don’t become as dirty next time.

#3. Check out new tools. Our guide to innovative cleaning tools included many different items that will make keeping your home cleaning after spring a breeze!

#4. Use a cleaning checklist. Checklists allow us to clean thoroughly without missing something important. This sample checklist will help your organize your tasks, rotate necessary objectives, and sustain your spring cleaning momentum. 

#5. Tidying is king. Many people dread cleaning because they don’t tidy between deep cleanings. But tidying your spaces regularly (especially high-traffic zones) will limit the opportunity for dirt and clutter to accumulate to an unbearable level. Simple strategies like wiping down baseboards when you sleep which can help them stay looking beautiful year after year. 

Spring cleaning can be a huge task! Organizing, decluttering, and straight-up scrubbing your home from top to bottom is a heroic undertaking! Make sure that your work is not in vain and you can enjoy the fruits of your labor for longer by following these simple tips. For a professional touch all year long. Request a free quote from Olave’s Cleaning today!